eBay is Still Giving You 5% off All Tech Purchases

By Tom Pritchard on at

About a week and a half ago eBay announced the first of many offers, giving you the chance to get 5% off any tech deal if you used the right code during the checkout process. It was supposed to end on 25th November, but evidently it's still working today (2nd December).

All you need to do to claim this discount is enter the code PICKME5 during the checkout process and you'll have five per cent of your order knocked off just like that. Of course there are some terms and conditions to be dealt with, as is always the way with eBay's codes.

Apparently this deal is now available until 9.59 am on 4th December, which means you only have about 36 hours to claim your discount. You can also only use the code once, after spending at least £50, and the maximum discount you can claim is also £50.

But you'd need to spend over £1,000 for that to matter, and something tells me a lot of people won't be doing that.

But hey if there's some tech you want, and haven't got anywhere else, now's your time to get the order in before Christmas.