eBay Reveals What You've Been Spending All of Your Money on This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

eBay has sifted through all of your purchases to find out your buying habits and it turns out they're pretty easily influenced.

Kicking off the year in the wake of Marie Kondo’s TV show that premiered at the beginning of January, purchases for “Marie Kondo” rocketed by 200 per cent, with customers buying one packing box and around six storage boxes every minute. That being the case, we'll bet that your house is full of junk that doesn't spark joy because no one sticks to their New Year resolutions. That's why I'm an unfit lump surrounded by tat that desperately needs to be thrown away. Maybe it's time to buy some boxes on eBay again...

From your own homes to houses for bees, a viral tweet about a bee brick lead to a 175 per cent uptick in bee brick searches, with seven being sold an hour. Imagine how many bees got a brand new house thanks to that.

Keeping in theme with the saving-the-planet vibes, shoppers leaned into sustainability by shelling out £187m on 20 million pre-owned fashion items, with middle-aged shoppers leading the way. Whether this was in a bid to minimise the fashion footprint by getting pre-owned, or just to save some cash, it's a good look either way.

More recently, it seems that this year's Christmas ads have been wise to use cutesy little animals, because people have been searching for John Lewis' Edgar the Dragon, and Aldi's Kevin the Carrot toys on the website, with over 785,477 searches for these festive mascots last month. Currently, Edgar is trouncing Kevin with 39 per cent more sales, but given that Kevin has been inducted into London's Museum of Brands, he may make a comeback yet.

Other things that have swayed your decision making process include Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, and Love Island.