Edinburgh Airport Accused of Polluting Local River

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's an exciting and bizarre new reason to hate aeroplanes and the people who sit in them scoffing baguettes and drinking very small cans of Pepsi today, thanks to Edinburgh Airport being found guilty of flooding local waterways with the chemical runoff of products used to prepare planes for flight.

Floods of de-icing liquid have been found making their way into the River Almond via local streams according to the Forth Rivers Trust, with a complaint lodged with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency revealing that as much as 150 litres of de-icing liquid is used on each plane before flying during cold snaps. The Trust raised the issue with SEPA last year, but says the airport's runoff remains non-compliant.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said it has made "significant investments in machinery and infrastructure" to stop so much grim plane juice spoiling the waterways, but adds that more money is needed to address this "fundamental challenge" to change how airports generally operate. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia