Package Thieves Beware the Glitter Stink Bomb 2.0

By Shabana Arif on at

The guy who made the glitter stink bomb to avenge his stolen package has upped the ante with version 2.0.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober first popped up last year with his glitter bomb package designed to look like a boxed-up Apple HomePod that was bait for thieves. It included glitter, fart spray, and cameras to capture the theft and - more importantly - their reaction to a glittery cloud of ass gas blowing up in their faces.

It later turned out that some of the 'thieves' in the video were friends or neighbours of Rober - something for which he apologised for just a few days later.

This time around, Rober has been tinkering to make his glitter stink bomb even more offensive.

"Someone stole a package from my porch and the police wouldn’t do anything about it," he tweeted. "I’ve spent the last 11 months improving my original glitter bomb bait package which I present here for your consideration."

The video is sponsored by Bose and inspired by Macaulay Culkin and his Home Alone antics, who pops up in the video, incidentally. [BBC News]