God Takes Blame for Attacking Brexit Party Advert in Doncaster

By Gary Cutlack on at

Political activists in Doncaster are all off the hook today, after police decided that a mobile Brexit Party banner had not been rammed off the road by an angry local as initially claimed. Blame for the incident has now been placed on the wind.

This comes via local radicalist news source the Doncaster Free Press, which says South Yorkshire Police ruled against a claim made by Doncaster North Brexit Party candidate Andy Stewart, who said the banner – proudly being displayed on a trailer towed by another BP candidate – was rammed off the road while on the move.

South Yorks Police counteracted this dramatised-for-Twitter version of events with the calm explanation of: "A car, which was being driven by a General Election candidate, was towing an advertising trailer which tipped over and caused the car to swerve. It is believed the weather conditions played a factor in this incident due to the high winds last night."

And no injuries were reported, despite Stewart's claim that the car driver was hospitalised. What this country needs is Kim Jong-un to take over and shut everyone up when they even dare to think about politics. [Doncaster Free Press]