Pigs in Blankets Have Finally Peaked With This Gold Leaf Encrusted Sausage for £10

By Shabana Arif on at

With all of the pigs in blankets out there, why not opt for the luxury option that sticks a bit of gold leaf on them and overcharges you for it.

The frivolous treats come from award-winning butcher Farmison & Co and made their debut to mark National Pigs In Blankets Day on December 5, which is a thing apparently. Although given the amount of stories I've written about the bloody things, you could probably have a whole pigs in blankets week.

You'll be paying £60 for six limited-edition Luxury White Truffle & 20-year aged Calvados free-range Pigs In Blankets, which works out to £150 per KG, because why the hell not? Oh, and let's not forget the edible gold which adds absolutely nothing other than a touch of sparkle. But you go nuts if taking a glittery shit is on your bucket list.

The 'Posh Pigs' have been developed by Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Baker, and have a fittingly mouth-watering description that makes mention of small-holding farms in North Yorkshire, the hills of Langhe, and "the fertile lands of Pay D’age les Vergers de la Moriniere in the South of France," so you know it's got to taste good.

John Pallagi, managing director and co-founder of Farmison & Co says:

"Pigs in blankets have become synonymous with Christmas but in our opinion, they never receive the recognition they deserve. We’re passionate about these bite-sized treats and along with our development chef Jeff Baker, we’re proving that with the right British free-range pork and expertly dry-cured bacon and some special ingredients, they can be as much the centre-piece of the Christmas meal as the turkey or goose."

If that sounds like it's up your street, then you'll be even more pleased to hear that you can save £10 off a £50 order using the code ROOST. And be sure to check the site for delivery dates.

If a tenner a sausage is a bit steep for you, because you're a peasant with no appreciation for a sparkly deuce, then there are an array of other pig in blanket options to get involved with this Christmas from Asda's pig in blanket sausage rolls, to Aldi's 6ft 5 inch monstrosity.