Halfords Adds Heated Handlebars to Bike Range for Luxurious Winter Rolling

By Gary Cutlack on at

Halfords has released a special edition of its popular Carrera Subway hybrid bike range today, with the winter-themed model introducing heated handlebars to the product mix so you may arrive with hands in a suitable state to operate a locking mechanism or undo the zip on your waterproofs without having to wee on your fingers like Bear Grylls.

It's the Carrera Subway All Weather Edition, yours for £400, with the machine also including integrated lights for a safer and more straightforward dark-days cycling experience; and mudguards too, because although someone decided they were unfashionable in the late 1980s, they're quite useful for protecting trousers and faces from splashes if you really must insist on keeping up your oppressive cycling regime through the winter months.

The batteries on the heated hand grips are good for two hours of warmth which covers the rides of all but the most insane of commuters, and it looks like they glow a bit green when activated, informing other cyclists that you own a superior machine. [Halfords]