Hasbro Reveals the Baby Yoda Toys You're Looking For

By Germain Lussier on at

Always more, we want.

When the first Baby Yoda merch was revealed, everyone said it stunk. Then Funko and Disney released some stuff and we complained again. Now, finally, Hasbro is throwing its hat into the Baby Yoda ring and the results should have someone for everyone.

Starting right now, most major retailers are taking pre-orders on four new Baby Yoda toys (or “The Child” if you want to be technical about it). There’s a talking plush; a 6.5 inch figure; a “Bounty Collection” which includes six different versions; and, everyone’s favourite, The Black Series. Most importantly, that last one comes with “bone broth bowl, toy knob, and Sorgan frog” but it’s also the smallest of the bunch at just over an inch tall. To go with your Mandalorian Black Series, of course.

While you can pre-order these now, they are all coming out in May 2020. Here are the preliminary images. First, is the Black Series figure.

The Child Black Series.

Here’s the talking plush.

The Child Talking Plush

Here’s the 6.5 inch.

The Child 6.5 inch toy

And here is the Bounty Collection, which are six individual toys (available as single and two-packs). You can buy them all or just your favourite pose.

The Child Bounty Collection Toys 1 and 2

The Child Bounty Collection Toys 3 and 4

The Child Bounty Collection Toys 5 and 6

Unfortunately, as you can plainly see, only the talking plush is an actual physical toy right now; the rest seem to be computer-generated images. That’s what happens when a toy company is instantly met with huge demand and it just wants to get a product out into the marketplace. The potential is there though for all levels of collectors.

Here’s the link to Amazon, but it should be up on all the usual online retailers.

Are you pre-ordering any of these? Which is your favourite?