Apple's HomePod Gets a Fat £70 Discount Just in Time for Christmas at Currys

By Shabana Arif on at

If Amazon's series of Alexa devices, or Google's various hubs aren't doing it for you, why not nab Apple's overpriced HomePod while it's cheap?

The smart speaker usually retails for £319 but Apple dropped the price earlier this year to £279. Currys has knocked a further £50 off, and what's more, if you enter the code SMARTSOUND10 at checkout, you'll save an extra 10 per cent, making a brand new HomePod just £206.10.

We say 'just' but that's still pretty pricey compared to what's already available from Amazon and Google. After spending six months with the HomePod last year, our verdict was that it's "still not worth its price" but you may feel differently now that it's £113 cheaper than it was back then. While Apple's competitors have the HomePod beat when it comes to functionality and available services, Apple is pulling ahead on sound quality, so there are pros and cons that may have you leaping off the fence to snap one up at a pretty significant discount while you can. [TechRadar]