How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold. It'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold this Christmas.”

If that hasn’t put you in the mood for festive shenanigans, I don’t know what will. OK, poking fun at those who’ll inevitably end up spending Christmas Day alone isn’t particularly nice. But it happens. Each year, thousands of people are left to celebrate Jesus’s commercialised fake birthday solo, and it’s depressing.

As a person who’s loved by few and is therefore more than used to killing time on my lonesome, I know a few things about boredom. Here’s the essential shopping list that’ll drag you through the Christmas blues.

Rise and Shine

This isn’t the time for beating around the bush. Even the ad will have you reaching for the tissues. Truly tear-jerking stuff. Grab yourself a gift card for Pornhub’s high-end service and slide into the world of Pornhub Premium, the ad-free, high quality experience of your wettest dreams. It’ll be a very white Christmas indeed.


You’re living the dream now. You’re Charles fucking Bukowski. What to write about? What not to write about? Who cares? You’re hunched in front of your own typewriter, bashing away like you were born to do this. Yeah, a novel sounds about right.

You’ve lived an extraordinary life, and it’s time for people to enter the labyrinth that is your mind. Remember this moment, for Susanna Reid will have you reliving this moment on Good Morning Britain. Actually, this is hard. Too hard. Writing a smash-hit single on the other hand, that’ll be a piece of cake. Ooh, there’s an idea...


Damn, this is hungry work. Damn again, there’s no turkey in the oven. It’s clearly time to strap on the fireball-shooting Pyro Mini and collect some poultry. Wrap up warm, get Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird blasting in your ears, and stumble out into the world. Where them turkeys at? Surely the ones that survived this year’s cull are out celebrating? Nothing. Back home it is. The fresh air was nice.

Smarten Up

When’s the last time you scrubbed up properly? Work do? That was probably a disappointment too. Bloody photogenic Pete swooping in and stealing the limelight.

Today’s your day. Nobody here’s going to look anywhere near as good as you. The Golden Apple is yours. Now get those winter clothes off and throw on your finest garb.

Prep Lunch

God bless Domino’s. The pizza’s crap, but it's just so easy to order. Customise your pizza with extra cheese (you’ll see why shortly) and hit the accursed "order" button like the movie villain you’ve always wanted to be. Christmas opening hours permitting, lunch will soon be served in a soggy cardboard box.


Force that final slab of dry bread and congealed stuff down your gullet. If it’s all a bit much for you, just go for the cheese. Trust me. It’s time to slump in front of the telly and nap. This is how humans are supposed to live. Let the power of the cheese take over your brain, and dream, dream, dream.

Embrace Your Bad Side

Well that put an end to the fun. Now you’re drowsy, bloated and painfully aware of the fact you’re spending Christmas alone. You’re not a bad person, yet the Fates seem to be making you pay for something. Might as well make it count. Check Instagram for some inspiration. The friend who’s posted the most Christmas pictures is your target. Grab your finest Voodoo doll and a sewing kit, and prick away.

Channel Your Inner GCHQ

Addictive isn’t it? Don’t worry, you don’t have to put an end to your evil ways just yet. Stay on Instagram for now, but pick more targets of scorn. Aww, I'm so happy for you with your cosy little Christmas gathering. Sadly for you, even Instagram's filters and effects can't stop your dinner from looking like shite on a plate. Back to the real world. Dust off your binoculars and invade the privacy of the happy little homes surrounding you. Oh, has little Timothy already broken his expensive new robot thing? What a shame. Ha.

Set Targets

Fine, that got a little uncomfortable. Has life really come to this? Sneering at other people’s crying kids while crouching by your window in a darkened room? No, you need to pick yourself up and do something to make you feel much better about yourself. You need to become a hero. And what do heroes do? They work their way into the Guinness World Records, of course. Read up on the deeds of fellow greats and vow to outdo them (or find yourself a previously unexplored niche).

Summon the Dead

You’ve always been curious, but afraid of what your superstition-bashing friends might say. Screw it, where are your mates now? Like a teenage boy nervously sliding his dad’s saucy magazines out from under the bed, brandish your finest Ouija board and grab a few tumblers. Ebenezer Scrooge hung out with ghosts. It’s not that weird.

Reload and Rediscover

OK, nothing happened, but that was still absolutely terrifying. Get a much-needed beer down you. And then something stronger. You need to feel warm again, and The Snowman’s already been on TV.

Not to worry, you've still got the box of sentimental scraps you've kept hidden from the rest of the world. File through the dog-eared cards and letters, skim the faded words and take solace in the fact that you do have family and friends that love you, and they're a bunch of soppy gits.

Create Outer Space

Round the day off in style. Stick your fairy lights around your living room (if you haven't already), turn the lights down and crash on the couch. Dig up your favourite '80s playlist, lie back, and enjoy the journey. Yes, Mr Adams, we are in heaven.

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