Iceland Launches Eat to Death Challenge for £15

By Gary Cutlack on at

To be fair to Iceland, you probably wouldn't die if you consumed its entire £15 Party Food Bundle straight from the oven by yourself on Christmas Eve, but you may perhaps need to block off the calendar until December 27 or so and get a few extra toilet rolls in.

This staggering £15 max combi deal contains 150 separate items, with the suggested serving advice being that this preformed foodmass could feed a festive party of 15 joy-filled, party-popper-popping people, all genuinely happy to be there, and their lives unfolding like a TV advert as they wonder what might be in the next amazing crispy parcel. The content of the carry-out of shame is customisable too, with purchasers able to select the filling and overall flavor of the many and varied brown foodstuffs on offer. Branded colas and crisps of fine repute are also included.

Spring rolls may even be purchased for any vegetarians brave enough to attend outside gatherings, and if you choose flavours wisely some Pringles are even vegan. Something for everyone is therefore on offer here. [Iceland via Yahoo]