Idiots Fall for "Rare 50p" Hype

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some poor old grandad buying what he was told to has spent £300 on a coin that's worth £10 at best, and that latter price is for one bought direct from the Mint in a nice cardboard case, untouched by human hands.

The problem is there are currently 9,994 eBay listings for "Paddington 50p" and your average Christmas present buyer might not be that sure of the differences between a coin they pressed 89,775,000 of and one that's genuinely a bit more of a rarity. There are two mainstream 2018 Paddington coins out there, for example, one they made 5m of and one they did 5.9m of. They are not that rare, plus two of the newer 2019 editions – Paddington at St Paul's and him outside Buckingham Palace – may still be bought new for £10 direct.

Hence, as ever, chancers are going through their pockets and listing any old tat they find for hundreds of pounds, fishing for some clueless person to agree with their imaginary valuations. And there's always the chance the £300 sale of Paddington at the Tower of London was a scam anyway, someone getting a mate to pretend to buy it. And some coins are listed for £10,000 (plus £1.50 delivery). What is going on? Should it be stopped? Is it time to get the petition out or join the euro? [Wales Online]