In a New Look at Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc's a Man on a Mission

By James Whitbrook on at

We might be just over a month away from Star Trek: Picard, but now we can while away the wait with a short, but oh so sweet new look at the series – one that gives us tiny new hits at the familiar threats Jean-Luc Picard faces in his latest mission, as well as a reminder of the past that haunts him.

CBS has just released a brief new spot for the series (that, perplexingly, is currently only available on Facebook) that, while short, more than makes up for it with a bunch of intriguing new shots, underscored by a simple sentiment from Picard himself: “I was haunted by my past,” the former Captain of the Enterprise tells us. “But now, I have a mission. I will do what needs to be done.”

There are plenty of intriguing shots in here – more of what is presumably a dream sequence with Data, wearing the old TNG movie-era uniform, and scenes of Jean-Luc in what looks like the Ten Forward lounge as a planet (Romulus, maybe?) burns in the viewports. There’s a flashing glimpse of a Borg drone, giving us a fleeting glimpse of their updated look. And speaking of Borg, there’s even a little more Seven of Nine, including a repeat of that glorious shot of her going in all-phasers-blazing.

But it’s not just the familiar teased here. We get to see a little more of what Picard’s new mission is: protecting Dahj (Isa Briones) and discovering the truth behind her mysterious connections to both the Borg Collective and what’s left of the Romulans.

It’s all very mysterious – and we’ll no doubt at least get some answers when Star Trek: Picard hits CBS All Access on 23 January in the US, and Amazon Prime on 24 January in the UK.

Featured image: CBS