In the Biggest Trailer Yet, Crisis on Infinite Earths is Looking Grim

By Julie Muncy on at

“The multiverse needs you!” Yeah, because things are not going well.

In the latest trailer for CW’s big, almost-here Crisis on Infinite Earths, everyone is on the brink of despair. Supergirl is mourning her failures; heroes from other universes are warning of the coming disaster; and other Earths are blinking out, one by one. It’s grim. It’s exciting. And, hey, Kevin Conroy is there!

Out of all the promotional material I’ve seen so far of Crisis, this is what sells it the most to me. The dread, the real sense of threat, and the spectacle of all these heroes from all these realities jumbled together. It’s notable that even Batman, who’s been forbidden to this corner of the DC live-action universe for years, is finally gracing us with an appearance. And, of course, he quotes Nietzsche. That’s old Bruce Wayne for you.

Are our heroes going to pull it out of this one? Yeah, probably. But at what cost? There’s going to be quite a struggle to save the multiverse when Crisis kicks off this weekend. All of it will be airing on the CW in the U.S, but over here we're missing out on Batwoman's episodes. Sorry, old chum.

Featured image: The CW