This iPhone App Transforms Your Smartphone Into an iPod Classic

By Shabana Arif on at

Rewound is a music player app that uses skins and haptic feedback to recreate the feeling of using an iPod Classic.

The catch is that the app doesn't offer up the skin - something that would immediately get it flagged given that Apple doesn't allow the use of images of its products or UI by people that aren't Apple. It's up to you to download the skin, and you can use any image you like, so it's a just a matter of doing it after the fact.

“You can program physical appearance of a device," developer Louis Anslow told The Verge. “It could become anything.” Currently, that 'anything' is an iPod Classic because that's how the app is being positioned at the moment.

Rewound only supports Apple Music at the moment, but Anslow says that Spotify support is on the way.

Feature image credit: 9to5Mac