Jeremy Clarkson is Still Pretending He Can't Find an EV Charging Point

By Gary Cutlack on at

The ageing car enthusiast has once again done his joke about not being able to find a public electric vehicle charging point, with Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Mercedes-Benz EQC pure-electric EV sticking it to the entire concept of electric vehicles because he can't update his brain with the locations of electric rather than petroleum fuelling locations.

Jeremy says he lives in the Cotswolds and the wiring in his old house is why he can't trickle-charge overnight, lest he burn while asleep, and he also thinks he can't trust the car's onboard charge point finder database because of an outdated anecdote. But using Cirencester as a Cotswolds base, EV charge point aggregator Zap-Map displays the above map of coverage of public charging stations nearby. Seems like there are a few. Maybe find one and remember where it is for next time, Jezza, then go there when you are nearly running out; a strategy you have no doubt successfully employed with numerous petrol cars and BPs and Essos throughout the decades.

Clarkson also claims to spend time in "a flat" in London so says on-street charging is impossible, but...'s hard to even see much of London under the myriad public charging options available. Surely there's one outside the Waitrose he uses for getting steaks and oven chips and Branston beans when in town? Compare this to the number of petrol stations in the same area of London:

Must be impossible to not run out of petrol in the middle of the city for comic effect, eh? The one public EV charger Jeremy does claim to know the location of and has bothered to remember seeing – outside the Soho Farmhouse for the Chipping Norton commuter poshos – apparently didn't show up on the car's database of chargers, so he... couldn't use that?

Pretending to not understand how cars work now is a bizarre look for a man with a 35-year history of reviewing cars. [The Times via Driving]