Lego Creator Bookshop Fulfills Your Fantasy of Owning Prime Real Estate

By Shabana Arif on at

I'm not usually one for splashing the cash on a bit of Lego, but this bookshop with adjoining townhouse had me sorely tempted for a minute.

I'm still not spending £149.99 on Lego - that's almost the price of a Switch Lite - but the Lego Creator Bookshop made me contemplate the prospect for all of a few seconds, which is no small feat. The set comprises a three-story bookshop and adjoining townhouse, and is part of the Modular Buildings series, allowing you to create an entire street of various Lego buildings.

Made up of 2,504 pieces and measuring over 29cm (11-inches) high, 25cm (9-inches) wide, and 25cm (9-inches) deep, it's far too small to move into, but with the power of imagination lauded by the Creator series, you can close your eyes and pretend that you can afford to live in a huge townhouse, leaving at 10am after a leisurely coffee, and strolling into your equally huge bookshop next door where you can proceed to act out your Black Books-esque fantasy.

There's even an eclectic array of five minifigures that look like they stepped right out of the show, so you can entertain yourself for hours while ignoring the missed calls from your real employer, wondering where the hell you've been for the last week.

The Creator Bookshop is available from January 1 for £149.99.