Get £90 off the Lego Star Wars 'Betrayal at Cloud City' Set in Today's Black Friday Deals

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back when I reviewed the 'Betrayal at Cloud City' Lego city, I noted that it was a great set overshadowed by a serious case of overpricing. Normally this would cost you £300, but thanks to a well-needed Black Friday discount it's only going to cost £210.

That's £90/30% off, for those keeping count, and it means you can buy the playset that has more minifigures that most people know what to do with. And a miniature Slave I, which is the perfect addition to anyone's collection - even if it's not worth spending £210 by itself.

Also in today's sale is the Hidden Side Newbury High School, which features a school that will turn into a weird ghostly building for AR-powered gameplay. This will cost £77 instead of £110, for today only.

Hogwarts Clock Tower is also down 30%, dropping from £85 to £59.49. Also the Mountain Police Headquarters (which is retiring soon) is now £49 instead of the usual £70.