Lego's Hidden Side Haunted High School is 45% Off, and There's Still Time to Get it for Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

It may be the 23rd of December, but there's still time to get some last minute presents in if you order quickly. Plus you can save some money in the process, provided you buy the right thing. Things like the Lego Hidden Side Haunted High School - which is currently 45% off the normal price.

Normally this set would cost £110, which feels rather expensive, but you can grab it right now for just £61. That's £49 less than normal, and you can benefit from free one-day delivery if you're a Prime Member. In other words it should arrive tomorrow if you order before 6pm tonight, making it a great last minute gift for someone.

The bonus of this set is that it's compatible with the Hidden Side AR app, which lets you play mini games using your phone and the set itself. Oh and the set can transform from a regular high school into a possessed high school with claws, eyes, and a big mouth. And you thought school was bad enough already.

There are also other deals on other Lego sets if this one doesn't take your fancy. The Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus is now £40 (£15 off), the Technic Bugatti Chiron is £210 (£120 off), and the Lunar Space Station is £30 (£15 off).

Also there are other lesser deals to browse over the next six hours, in case you forgot that your nephew was coming to Christmas and you didn't get him anything.