London Resort Still Wants Everyone to Think It's Really Going to Exist

By Gary Cutlack on at

The backers of the London Resort project remain optimistic about the chances of the £5bn potential new theme park actually happening, so much so that they've released a batch of renders to illustrate how the huge 535-acre site will be portioned up into six "lands," each containing their segregated and distinct fun options.

Visitors start, inevitably, in the High Street (not a land), where you get your tickets and your burgers and guides and steel yourself for a very long day of supposed-to-be-having-fun. From there it's into the first land of The Studio, described as a "gritty, modern-day warehouse district" which is no doubt where the licensed Paramount attraction elements are to reside. Dad will be happy to get to The Woods, based around "fables and fairy tales" that require no money to be spent on licensing, as they're all well out of copyright.

Thrill at the evocative fonts they have chosen to represent each area:

After the Woods comes The Kingdom, a hybrid of King Arthur stuff and probably as many Game of Thrones nods as they can legally get in without paying HBO. Then come The Isles, The Jungle and the Starport, with associated characterisations you can no doubt imagine. [London Resort via Kent Online]