Mass Staff Sickies Cancel Northern's Christmas Eve Trains

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Northern rail franchise has managed to find a way of making its passengers hate it a little bit more, with unprecedented levels of staff sickness leading it to cancel services today. There will be tears, not least from whoever's stuck manning the company's Twitter.

It's probably not helped by Christmas being on a Wednesday this year, as if you were to pretend to be sick -- not that we are implying Northern staff are not all at home legitimately shivering under a blanket -- you may as well do it on Monday/Tuesday and have yourself a merry little extended Christmas weekend. Plus Northern has erroneously let staff book holidays this week too, which is not helping.

The words "replacement bus" are therefore striking horror into hearts on some smaller routes, and hundreds of travellers will be asking Santa for an emergency nationalisation this Christmas. [MEN]