Metropolitan London People Not Above Phoning 999 for a Laugh

By Gary Cutlack on at

All those London people in London have been shamed for wasting police time this week, as the Met Police has released stats showing the number of hoax calls its call handlers have fielded this year – and also revealed a few of the stupidest reasons people have dialled the emergency number.

A staggering 25,448 calls were identified as being hoaxes by Met staff in the year to the end of November, with police particularly keen to shame a man who called 999 to say he somehow came into posession of some biscuits that were out of date, and a woman who phoned 999 – on purpose – to complain that a local chip shop had messed up her order and can they send someone round to Taser the cow on the till as revenge.

A man from the Met Police said you're all to stop being so silly especially as London's supposed to be the cool place with all the smart people in it, and if you just want someone to talk to try the internet or go down to the post office and ask an old lady if any of her bulbs are coming up yet. [Met Police]