Murder Your Family in Just 10 Minutes Thanks to Hasbro's Speedy Monopoly

By Shabana Arif on at

I don't know who's smoking what at Hasbro, but the latest genius idea to make it into product release is Speedy Monopoly.

We just got done taking in the majesty of Monopoly: Longest Game Ever, and now here we are with what appears to be the fastest variant ever, with the box art proclaiming that it's "a Monopoly game you'll actually finish in under 10 minutes". Although honestly, they could've just ended the sentence after saying it's a Monopoly game that'll get finished. At all.

Monopoly Speed uses timed rounds (four of them) to keep up the pace, with all players buying their properties during the buying and trading stage. You'll have more money coming in with two Go squares, and jail time not requiring any bail money so you can go in and out with gay abandon, and no financial risk.

You can find Monopoly Speed on Amazon UK for £22.05 right now. You can check out all of the weird and wonderful Monopoly variants on offer right here. [SlashGear]