Most of the UK's Calendars and Diaries Get the 2020 May Bank Holiday Wrong

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has contributed to the vast majority of 2020 diaries and calendars sold in the UK containing the entirely wrong date of the early May bank holiday, as a decision to change the date was taken too late for the printing presses to be stopped.

If you didn't know already, the May Day holiday -- usually always the first Monday in May -- has been switched to the following Friday this year, as the Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. And someone with ultimate authority to change things like that thought it'd be nice to help commemorate the occasion by moving the bank holiday to four days later so we can all stay at home and watch Huw Edwards being sombre on the BBC.

This would all be fine, but for the decision to change the May Day holiday being formalised last June -- after most 2020 calendars and diaries had already been printed, as doing it in advance like that always work out cheaper, even if you're WHSmith and banging out 250,000 of them in various colours. So rather than pulp millions of the things, all the stationers of the nation seem to have agreed to collectively shrug and continue to sell wrong diaries.

So in summary; May Day is on Friday 8 in 2020, on Monday the 4th you have to go to work, and loads of people won't know anything about this and may get confused/angry about their traditions being touched. You though, forearmed and forewarned by being so bored you're here on December 30, will be OK. [Twitter]