M&S Shamed for Imaginary Anti-Welsh Propaganda

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bored people have been pretending not to understand something on purpose again, this time turning their misplaced wrath on Marks & Spencer for selling a jigsaw puzzle that obliterates Wales and rejoins Ireland into one.

The problem is that this is not what M&S has done at all, as funny as it may well be to pretend you think so. The map is a historical one of the 1800s as the archaic design clearly hints at, so harks back to pre-partition Ireland and to when Wales was a bit more recently conquered by England and not therefore as devolved and separated as it is today. Hence the squiggly writing and the lack of the Severn Bridge, motorways and Milton Keynes.

The entire kerfuffle was kicked off by Welsh councillor Jamie Evans who spotted the puzzle in his local branch while panic-buying presents on December 22. He was outraged by Wales being slighted by history and compared the selling of this map to a German business offering one featuring the country owning annexed WWII Poland, but didn't seem to mind that a bit of France is visible in the corner or that Hemel Hempstead isn't on it.

M&S was forced to say something, and did so with an audible sigh, and explained: "This is a historical map of the British Isles from the late 1800s taken from the Trousset encyclopedia." [M&S via Wales Online]