Amazon Has Mesh Networks on Sale for Cyber Monday, in Case You Missed Them Earlier This Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week Amazon discounted mesh networking kits from a number of different companies, including Netgear and Tenda Nova. They were reasonably good deals, though if you managed to miss out on picking up some equipment there is some good news. Amazon just launched some more discounts on kit from both companies.

Netgear has discounts on the whole home mesh Wi-Fi system, which includes an Orbi router and two satellites to spread the seamless wireless signal throughout your home - which is ideal if you live somewhere big or with old walls that aren't very Wi-Fi friendly. That's been discounted by £157.80, meaning it'll cost £315 instead of the usual £472.79. That's not as good as the deal the other day, but it's not far off.

Also on sale is the two device Orbi system, coming with a router and a single satellite (now £220 instead of £300), and the individual satellites (now £126 instead of £169.75).

If you'd prefer to go with Tenda Nova, the discounts aren't as good but the equipment is much, much cheaper. The three unit mesh system (with 6,000 sq ft maximum coverage) is now £40 cheaper (£110 instead of £150), while the smaller three unit system that covers 3,500 sq ft is down by £27 (£93, instead of £120).

If you want better range but fewer units, a two device system covering 4,000 sq ft is now £19 cheaper (£87 instead of £106), and the less powerful two unit system that covers 2,500 sq ft is now £18.90 cheaper than normal (£80 instead of £98.90).