TfL Has Released the December 2019 Tube Map and There Are a Few New Additions

By Shabana Arif on at

Crossrail - or the Elizabeth Line - may be delayed, but here it is, bold as brass, on the new tube map.

Spotted by Tube expert Geoff Marshall and delved into a bit by self-proclaimed East End blogger bloke @diamondgeezer on his blog, the map is by no means anywhere near geographically accurate, with nine new stations being shoehorned into the space to the west of the Central Line.

It's best to just ignore any attempt at using the map as being directly related to the real world in this section, with the stations nestled up far too close to one another, and a few of them being located on the other side of the Thames irl.

The useful details include telling travellers that they can't use their Oyster cards beyond West Drayton, because the stops are outside the fare zones where its valid. Contactless apparently works up to Reading.

The Elizabeth Line was set to open in 2018, but has since been delayed to a vague 2021 window, but portions of the line are open and operating now under the management of TfL - hence the new map. [Londonist]

Feature image credit: Unsplash