Newsagent Food of Last Resort Goes Vegetarian Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

The emergency food of young people with strong constitutions, bulletproof metabolisms and zero sense of shame is going vegetarian too, as pre-packaged burger specialist Rustlers is about to launch a meat-free choice for the casual eaters and microwave-owners of the nation who buy food and vaping fluids from the same outlet.

It's pretty exotic-sounding too, with the Moroccan Vegetarian Burger using all sorts of flavourings to jazz up the falafel centrepiece it's built around. It's launching in January of 2020, when the nation will probably be going mad for "Veganuary" again. But it's not vegan because there's yogurt on it. Not for the first time, Rustlers has us very confused.

The producer is targeting young people under 24 who the advertising world categorises as being flexitarians, with Adrian Lawlor from brand owner Kepak saying: "With a third of consumers actively seeking to introduce plant-based options into their diets, we feel that a brand as synonymous with taste and convenience, Rustlers can really bring something new to the market, with convenience and enjoyment considered key requirements by flexitarians." [Talking Retail]