Nokia Black Friday Bundles Get an Added Loyalty Discount

By Shabana Arif on at

If you thought Black Friday was over, think again, because Nokia is trying its best to give you a fresh new deal.

There are four handsets in the lineup, although they're quickly going out of stock so they're not all available. As well as the Black Friday discount, Nokia is offering even more money off to customers who picked up a Nokia phone back in 2017 as a loyalty discount to be rubbed in people's faces.

Nokia says you can skip the next two Black Fridays if you nab a bundle thanks to its "two years of OS upgrades and three years of monthly security patches," completely failing to see the irony of telling people to make do with what they have on what has now become The Purge: Retail Edition. I'm sure it'll have more sales on more handsets next year, and will forget it ever mentioned such a silly idea.

Here's what's up for grabs at the moment on the Nokia site:

Save £145 on the Nokia 7.2 bundle: £249 (£159 with the Nokia phones loyalty deal) - Cyan Green and Ice both OUT OF STOCK

  • Nokia 7.2 Clear Case - Transparent (CC-162-172) - worth £15
  • Nokia - Power Earbuds BH-605, Charcoal Black (4B45) - worth £100

Save £60 on the Nokia 6.2 bundle: £179 (£159 with the Nokia phones loyalty deal) - Black IN STOCK, Ice OUT OF STOCK

  • Nokia Clear Case (CC-162-172) - worth £15

Save £45 on the Nokia 3.2 bundle: £129 (£89 with the Nokia phones loyalty deal) - Black and Steel both IN STOCK

  • Nokia 3.2 - Clear Case CC-132-FP (4B24), Transparent & Nokia - DC-801 - worth £15

Save £25 on the Nokia 2.2 bundle: £99 - Black OUT OF STOCK, Steel IN STOCK

  • Xpress-on Cover XP-222, Pink Sand OR Nokia 2.2 Xpress-on Cover XP-222, Forest Green – worth £10

The stock levels are accurate at the time of writing but at these prices, that's probably going to change pretty sharpish, so get a move on so you don't miss out.