Now TV Milks the Die Hard Christmas Debate With 'Die Hard on Ice'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Make way for the latest attempt by Sky to try and milk the whole Die Hard/Christmas Movie debate as much as it can, with a brand new Now TV Christmas advert that puts John McClane on a pair of skates and pits him against skating terrorists-that-aren't-terrorists. Because if there's anything a big corporation can do best, it's milking memes too hard and turning people off to the whole idea.

I can't imagine there are very many people that don't like Die Hard, but Die Hard on Ice? I'm not sure that even Jake Peralta could come out of that unscathed - especially since the actors that appear in the advert have absolutely nothing on Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis. It even has the audacity to ask whether anyone would watch a full-length version of this take on the film. No is my answer, and can't imagine I'm alone. If they did they'd need some better actors to come in and do the roles properly.

Of course this is all a ploy to get people to subscribe to now TV's Cinema Pass, which currently has a 40% discount - meaning it costs £43 for six months instead of £72, Naturally Die Hard is one of the films available to watch on the service when you sign up.

And if you like the idea of Die Hard on Ice, you can watch a making of video for the advert below: