Numerous People Pretend Google Assistant Can Help Fix a Boiler

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Gas would like everyone to put aside their laughable experiences with stupid-as-trousers voice assistants thus far, and to imagine that there's been some sort of behind-the-scenes quantum leap in their capability, to such an extent that it claims Google Assistant may now competently troubleshoot the most bewildering of household appliance: The Boiler.

Presumably the first bit of advice it offers is how to turn it off and on again and relight it, as British Gas says the Google Assistant app "...helps solve the most common heating and hot water issues" without anyone having to trouble a telephone helpdesk or, god help them, get an actual engineer to come out at this time of year. The amazing claims and overestimation of the abilities of voice assistants and our willingness to interact with boilers continues, with BG adding that it has "...harnessed the collective knowledge of its skilled engineers and experience of UK boilers to develop Boiler Support via Google Assistant."

British Gas technical boss Jay Slaney sold it to everyone internally with: "This service solves many of the common, but fixable, problems our engineers encounter all the time while visiting customer homes. We've used their knowledge, combined with the latest voice-recognition technology, to quickly narrow down any issue with your heating or hot water."

It's all about as optimistic as agreeing to let Windows diagnose a problem.