Disney Has a Single Piece of Baby Yoda Merch Available for Christmas, But it's Rather Naff

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that Baby Yoda is the breakout character from The Mandalorian, because no matter what happens in the show people are way more interested in seeing what the adorable green infant gets up to and what memes can be made. The only thing is that Disney has completely screwed the pooch on the merchandise side of things, since there are no official toys available in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Well I say that: there is one thing. It's free, but it's also really naff.

It's a papercraft Christmas tree ornament.

As you can see it was posted on Twitter by Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau, so people have some sort of baby Yoda ready in time for Christmas. There's plenty of fan-made merchandise out there, but the odds of getting something good in time for Christmas dwindle every single day. So this is your only sure-fire way of getting Baby Yoda in the house by the 25th - naff as this may be.

It's no Baby Yoda toy, but it seems Disney and Lucasfilm are trying. Which is nice, I guess.