Pornhub Users Value Politics Over a Good Wank, According to the Site's Stats

By Shabana Arif on at

The general election has been and gone, but the most important stats have yet to be disclosed; were people still getting their end away?

Pornhub Insights has bestowed upon us the site's traffic for the day of the general election, which dropped to below average across the entirety of the UK in the evening at around 10pm as early results indicated a Conservative win. This is actually kind of a big deal, as the site's peak UK traffic usually kicks in between 10pm and 11pm.

Traffic was back on the up-and-up from 12am to 4am with the Insights team speculating that people may have been staying up late to get the final counts for their own districts. Or they were stressed to high heaven with all of this nonsense, and rubbed one out to unwind.

Interestingly, when it comes to age groups, millennials seemed to be the least bothered by the election, with only a small drop of 6 per cent in traffic at 10pm which climbed up to 12 per cent over the average post midnight. Users aged 55 and over had their wanking regime affected the most, getting 7 per cent more excited than usual at noon, which dropped to 10 per cent below average at 10pm, then skyrocketed up to 27 per cent at 1am, perhaps celebrating a Conservative win, or maybe just letting off a bit of steam.

Generally speaking, traffic sloped off as the polls closed, and went back up after midnight with people presumably staying up late to follow the results and taking wank breaks, I guess. You lot are weird.