Apple Pulls App That Turns Your iPhone Into an iPod Classic From App Store

By Shabana Arif on at

Rewound - the music player app that lets you turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic using skins and haptic feedback - has been pulled from the App Store.

News of the app was doing the rounds last week, which probably drew some attention to it, and while it doesn't include the skin for Apple's iPod Classic, users can download it outside of the app and use it to transform their iPhone's into an iPod Classic. Well Apple has taken notice and decided to kill the app, and the creator is responding by crowdfunding further development of it.

The blog post makes it abundantly clear that they're pretty pissed off with the whole situation, detailing the timeline and chain of events that appear to boil down to Apple removing the app because "they got SALTY" about it.

The developers stress that Rewound doesn't copy the iPod design, and it's a user decision to download and implement the iPod Classic skin for it. A second reason cited for the take-down is that Rewound is reportedly charging for Apple Music features. The devs say that this gripe from Apple is "less unreasonable' but that in-app purchases were a;ready approved before the app took off.

"We can’t update the app to get it re-approved without breaking the app for all 170,000+ users. So we’re going to have to upload a separate version but feel it is barely worth the time or effort to even try and humor them, they’re just going to keep saying no until users can’t possible make it like their favourite music player," the devs conclude, before driecting people to their crowdfunding page, although there's a caveat that states they're not promising a "fully finished version" of the app because developing stuff is "unpredictable".

The GoFundMe is currently sitting at €115 of its €20,000 goal. [The Verge]