Amazon Echo Gets Samuel L. Jackson Voice With an Explicit Option for Authenticity

By Shabana Arif on at

The new Alexa skill has just launched in the US for a dollar, and hopefully the UK won't be too far behind.

Is there anyone's life that can't be improved with a little Samuel L. Jackson sprinkled into it? No. No, there is not, which is exactly why Amazon announced that the actor would be lending his voice to Alexa, and he's already started rolling out - at least in the US - in both explicit and non-explicit versions. Although Samuel L. Jackson without the over-the-top swearing seems to miss the point of utilising his voice to begin with.

You can find him on the Alexa Skill page and unlike the Gordon Ramsey voice, he won't be bleeped, so you can enjoy him turning the air blue around your home if that's what you prefer. During the launch window, you can download the voice for just 99¢, but the usual price is $4.99 which is around £4.

You can't speak directly to him, but you can ask Alexa to ask Sam your questions, for example, telling him to wake you up, sing happy birthday, or to set a reminder, although you may find that he isn't as compliant as Alexa when asked to do things. He won't be able to help you out with  Shopping, lists, reminders or Skills - and he'll let you know about it. [Trusted Reviews]