Save Many, Many Pounds on D-Link Networking Equipment in Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

Finally a deal that seems worthy of the 'cyber' moniker, even though we all know Cyber Monday is a meaningless title that's redundant now that most shopping is done online anyway. But if you're in the need for some networking equipment (among other things), D-Link is offering money off its kit today.

Deals include the less than stellar 2% off a 720p indoor surveillance camera, but also 18% off a fancy dual-band wireless router with four gigabit ethernet ports (now £33.89 instead of £41.14). There's a similar 19% off an eight port gigabit ethernet switch (now £17 instead of £21).

But a real deal worth having is £101.06 off a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system with a coverage of 5000 sq ft. It's normally £218 for the three-unit system, but today it's just £116.93. Not cheap, but still much cheaper than it was - and much cheaper than a lot of the competition.