Scotland's Getting an Entire New Village With 3,000 Homes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A complete, brand new village containing 3,042 houses is about to assemble itself on a virgin site in Scotland, thanks to developer Springfield winning planning permission for what it believes is Scotland's largest ever single plan for a thing to build.

The new village of Duriesland will be built in the accessible Scottish lowlands bit around Stirling, virtually equidistant between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and therefore the one part of the country that has fairly good trains and buses. Springfield says it'll cost around £650m to fully realise its masterplan, but it won't have to find all of that at once as the completed village won't be finished for around 20 years.

The first people could be moved in to the initial wave of houses as soon as 2022, though, should they not mind spending the next two decades living on a massive building site, with the roads all muddy and offcuts of insulation blowing about the place. [Herald]