Stunning 4K Video Remaster Moves 'Last Christmas' to Acceptable Listening List

By Gary Cutlack on at

This year's royalties from the Wham! classic Last Christmas have been reinvested in a 4K remaster of the song's quadruple-mature cheddar of a video, with the original 1980s film footage spliced back together at 2019 resolution.

The result is quite mesmerising, as we see George's face and hair entirely as nature intended, the 1980s colour tones explode from the screen, and it's enough to make you non-ironically put on a Christmas jumper and pull a party popper and wish, very hard, that it was still the 1980s and that's your dad's red truck at the 0:29 mark and he's not always angry with you.

Spotters have noticed that a few scenes in the remaster appear at a lower resolution, presumably as all of the original film was not taken care of, like when the BBC used to record Blue Peter over Doctor Who. They weren't to know what an important historical document they were dealing with. [YouTube]