Suffolk Goes Full Plague With Restriction Zones and Mass Chicken Cull

By Gary Cutlack on at

This winter looks like it's going to be another shocker for the UK's poultry farmers, as an outbreak of the H5 strain of the virus commonly bracketed in the bird flu category has been discovered.

A commercial chicken farm near Athelington in Suffolk is therefore about to carry out the extremely grim culling of its entire stock of around 27,000 birds, while Defra has put in place a one kilometre restriction zone around the farm to stop what's formally known as a strain of low pathogenic avian influenza from spreading.

Workers at the farm are having their own little Chernobyl moment, though, as Public Health England is offering advice and antiviral medication to anyone who's come into contact with the birds. The risk to public health is officially categorised as "very low" though, but you might want to hard-boil your eggs for a while, if only to make it feel like you're doing something. [Defra via Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash