The Brexit 50p is Back On

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Brexit 50p is back on again, with the government ordering a new batch stamped with the current EU exit date of Probably January 31 2020 For Real This Time, seeing as our new state leaders seem about to make a deadline stick.

The Royal Mint, fresh from the shame of having to melt a previous batch, is restarting the coin machines, with special editions of the coin also coming in gold and silver limited versions in lovely cardboard cases, so people who voted for Brexit can purchase a nice little memento of the day to hand to their grandchildren.

Their grandchildren may hate them for taking away a lifetime of free movement and the option to work across national borders on the continent without filling in forms and downloading apps that don't work, but still. A nice 50p. They're sticking with the legend "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations" on the coins too, even though they all hate us now for boring them to death for three solid years. [Sky News]