The Gizmodo UK Christmas Gift Guide Hub 2019

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Struggling what to buy your friends, family and foes for Christmas? We've got you covered, in this epic list of lists.

Whether you're shopping for your nearest and dearest, wondering what to buy for the annoying twerps in your office or wanting something specific for your significant other that you're about to dump, we've got every eventuality covered.

We'll be posting various gift guides right up until Christmas, and they're all rounded up for you right here. Keep checking back, as we'll be updating it as new guides get added. Happy shopping!

Best Christmas Gifts For Space Nerds

Space is sick and if you're a Gizmodo reader you probably have someone in your life who thinks so too.

The Best Lego Gifts for People Not Made of Money

Want to gift Lego but don't have the money to buy one of the fancier sets? We've got you covered.

The Best Christmas Jumpers to be Toasty and Festive at the Same Time

There's still time to grab some of these before the big day.

10 of the Best Card Games for Adults

That aren't Cards Against Humanity.

Christmas Gifts for Post-Brexit Brits

What should we choose from these empty shelves?

The Best Cheap Tech Gifts For Under £25

Tech gifts don't have to break the budget, so keep these ideas in mind when you're looking for something simple and practical for your tech-savvy friends.

Great Gifts For The Retro Gamer In Your Life

With these great throwback gifts, you're sure to make any retro gaming fiend happy.

12 Great Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Favourite Geek This Christmas

Because your favourite people need lots of presents, and the geeks need some especially geeky stuff.

The Totally-Not-Sexist Yet Unnecessarily Gendered His 'n' Hers Christmas Gift Guide

Choose a present by the genitals they were born with, because how else are you supposed to know what they like?

The Best Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

With these gifts, you can keep those toes a-tapping and beats a-playing all throughout the winter.

16 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Pets and Their Pawrents

Please bring all of this, Santa Claws

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for That One Person Who is Really Hard to Buy For

We all know that one person who is impossible to buy gifts for, and are rarely any help when you ask. So let us help instead.

The Best Christmas Gifts for PC Gamers

Purchasing Christmas gifts for PC gamers can be difficult. And expensive.

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

With these gifts, you can help your mates keep the tunes pumping, the cheese flowing and the good times going.

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2019

A lot of great Lego arrived this year, and here are 15 of our favourites.

13 Christmas Gifts for the Person You Hate

Obligated to give a present to someone you hate? Here are some options that range from passive-aggressive to down-right cruel.

Christmas Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be Ex

Stuck in your relationship over the holidays? These gifts will help ensure you're not as soon as they're opened.

Low Tech Gifts for all the Luddites in Your Life

Not everyone loves tech, and if you know someone who doesn't like tech here are some Christmas options for them.

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