This Parody Explores the Serene Joy of Just Not Caring About Star Wars

By Julie Muncy on at

Have you hugged the Star Wars nerd in your life lately? Because they’re probably far, far more stressed out than is reasonable. Such is the nature of fandom, that it can end up with a lot of unnecessary frustration when something you love ends up differently than you imagined, or otherwise it doesn’t but other people think it did.

Anyway, what if you just... didn’t care? What a utopian life that would be. That’s the joke of Gus Johnson’s latest video, a quick little skit that explores the life of a non-Star Wars fan. As it turns out, this magical, mythical hero just... goes about his day. He enjoys things. There’s no shouting about kyber crystals or redemption narratives or space horses. Just a guy, living his life.

Though, for a non-Star Wars fan, that’s a pretty Star Wars-y jacket he’s wearing. All the better to enjoy those empty non-Star Wars theme park rides, I guess.