TSB Staff Sacked for Maxing Out Compensation Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

The enormous breakage of the TSB IT system that saw all manner of hilarious account redirections and access issues break the bank's systems for days caused another side issue for staff, with news breaking today that five employees have been sacked for aggressively pursuing compensation covering their personal accounts.

Of course, if you work for a bank it's common courtesy to have your account held there too, so plenty of the bank's own staff were impacted by 2018's IT collapse. However, some staff felt bad about claiming compensation for the outage from their employer and didn't pursue a claim, but some definitely did not worry about that at all -- and stand accused of using their knowledge of the bank's internal processes to make sure their claims ticked all the right boxes and qualified for the maximum payout.

The Guardian says the bank's been re-appraising some troublesome staff compensation claims, and this has culminated in five staff members being sacked and three others getting their resignations in first. The text of the letter sent to these staff members accused: "...you used the knowledge you had as a TSB partner of the TSB complaints remediation process to log a false/exaggerated complaint knowing you would receive a remediation payment."

Up to £500 was on offer if all the maximum inconvenience boxes were ticked. No criminal charges are being pursued, the sacking is deemed punishment enough. [Guardian]