Uber Faces Complete Wipeout in Germany

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber could soon be kicked out of all of Germany, with a court ruling in favour of a complaint by a German taxi group and agreeing that the app's dispatching processes do not match up with the terms of its license to operate and breaks local competition rules.

The cab app currently operates in seven German cities, and it's set up a little differently over there; Uber sends ride requests to the licensed drivers of car rental companies instead of relying on freelancers driving their own vehicles. Existing cab business representative Taxi Deutschland queried whether this system broke competition laws and made it appear as if Uber is in control of the entire booking and car system, and the court agreed.

Uber has two choices; legal appeals, or entirely restructuring the way it operates in Germany. Oh wait, or maybe giving up altogether too. The legal penalties are applicable immediately, though, and could see Uber fined for each individual, technically illegal trip it carries out from today across German cities in the meantime. [Reuters]