Vegan Doughnuts and Steak Bakes are Coming to Greggs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greggs is about to make being vegan as easy as not being vegan in the slightest, thanks to an imminent onslaught of new vegan products for 2020 that's to be led by a you-won't-believe-it vegan steak bake. Made with Quorn, but still. It's all about the pastry anyway, isn't it?

Greggs watchers have also seen signs appearing in shops preparing for the sale of a vegan glazed doughnut too, and the Greggs Instagram account is currently going big on the near-future date of January 2 2020 in a series of posts resembling a New Order B-sides album cover...

...a date that's otherwise known as this coming Thursday. And imagine if that's the bag they come in. [Greggs via Veg News]