Vegans Begin Assimilation of Brighton Pier

By Gary Cutlack on at

A former doughnut booth on Brighton Pier is about to become the hottest new place to get a burger made with chickpeas or soya or really tightly rolled-up cabbage instead of ground-up cows, thanks to the imminent opening of all-vegan food seller Veg Up Your Day as part of the attraction's 2020 refurb.

The small kiosk will serve mushroom burgers and fake duck duck wraps, although the highlight – and the one dish influencers will be queuing up to try while someone films their no doubt hilarious reaction – is the "fishless fish and chips." It might just be some chips and a shrug from the serving staff for £9.50 so be careful when ordering.

If you want to get a taste of it before it's open, the pier's neighbouring Palm Court restaurant is trialling some of the vegan dishes, seeing as it's owned by the same people. [Metro]

Image credit: Unsplash