Vodafone Rolling out Half-Sized SIMS as Part of New Plastic Reducing Policy

By Shabana Arif on at

Vodafone has announced a new initiative to cut down on the amount of plastic it uses, and the half-sized SIM holder is part of that.

The company said its goal is to half its environmental impact by 2025, which includes "halving its carbon footprint and purchasing all electricity from renewable sources by 2025."

In the short-term, Vodafone is aiming to cut down on all non-essential plastics at retail and in offices across 24 countries by the end of March 2020. That target is going to be achieved by cutting the use of disposable plastic bags at 7,700 retail stores globally, and ditching plastic promotional materials for alternatives with less of an environmental impact.

One of the more immediate changes Vodafone has made is the new half-sized SIM card that sees the SIMs (which haven't changes size) now housed in a plastic square that's half the size of the old credit card-sized housings. A range of eco-friendly accessories will also be rolling out, called Red Loves Green, that features "100% biodegradable or recyclable phone cases made from, for example, reused ocean plastic, plus charging banks and docks made from sustainable materials and plastic-free packaging."

The smaller SIMs are launching in Europe starting next year, while the old ones will be phased out. Vodafone is hoping to save over  340 tonnes per year, and "save up to 15 tonnes of the CO2e emitted during production and transportation for every tonne of plastic reduced – a reduction of more than 5,000 tonnes of C02e annually." [Vodafone via TechRadar]

Feature image credit: Vodafone