Vodafone's New Festive Christmas Game Lets You Win Prizes to Share With Friends and Family

By Shabana Arif on at

Win a share of the £52k in prizes via the VeryMe Rewards programme and feel obliged to split it with the people that helped you win.

Or not. You know what level of shit you can get away with around these people, and not all of the prizes can be shared despite the new Festive Squad game allowing groups of families and friends to play together.

You'll find the game in your Vodafone app in VeryMe Rewards, and can invite up to three other players to join you. You can all play together online so there's no need to be crowded around a device like the feature image up there, and what's more, the other players don't even have to be with Vodafone themselves.

The goal is to work together to set the high score - a position currently being held by Jamie Redknapp and family, apparently. The prize pool includes 500 PizzaExpress vouchers worth £50 each, 500 Vue ticket bundles, Spotify Premium Subscription, NOW TV Entertainment pass, and so on and so forth. Prizes are doled out at the end of the week, and the promotion ends on December 20.

Vodafone is also giving away treats through VeryMe Rewards, including prosecco, mince pies and sweets, and - because it's Christmas - festive socks.