10,000 Bees Slaughtered in Random Attack

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two extremely cool young men wearing the modern type of coat decided to take their frustrations with the world out on a beehive, with CCTV capturing them lifting the lids off the hives, kicking them, and seemingly targeting individual bees for attack with sticks.

The bizarre assault took place in the grounds of Wisbech Castle, where the black bee population has been brought in to protect the species and boost numbers. Local councillor Steve Tierney said: "These two people scaled the wall and went through black bin bags before smashing the lid off one of the hives. They ran off and returned, setting about smashing them up. They may have been stung and came back for revenge."

Tierney and the Wisbech site itself seem to be struggling to contain local troublemakers, with the councillor bemoaning heritage rules that mean the castle can't be better protected by spikes, fences, barbed wire, those noises only young people can hear or anti-climb paint, because they didn't have none of that in the old days.

As for the remaining bees; they've had their houses reassembled, but a full count of the remaining population can't be carried out until the spring, as it's too cold to wake them up properly for an inventory right now. [BBC]