5G is Available on Sky Mobile, and it's Not Going to Cost You Extra

By Tom Pritchard on at

5G was supposed to arrive on Sky Mobile back in November, but for some reason that launch never actually happened. Instead time went on and 5G never appeared until today, with Sky announcing that 5G is launching today, and it's not going to cost any more than a 4G contract.

There's a catch though, and it's not that you have to live in a 5G area and have a 5G phone - though you obviously need to do that anyway.

The catch is that free 5G isn't actually available to everyone, it's only available to those who sign up to something called Sky VIP. As you may have guessed that's a loyalty programme that rewards you for being with Sky, and it's literally a case of tapping a few buttons. 5G is just one such reward, and it doesn't matter if you're a new or existing customer.

Being 5G it's not available everywhere, and Sky promises there are 20 locations that can take advantage of the faster speeds. Funnily enough that's also the same number of places as O2's 5G network, which Sky has been piggybacking off for years. So while Sky hasn't given us a full list, it stands to reason that all 20 will be the same. So London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Leeds, Leicester, Lisburn, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bradford, Sheffield, Coventry, Nottingham, Norwich, Bristol, Derby, and Stoke.

There's also Slough, but only by O2 HQ, so that won't count.

You can check out Sky's full range of mobile plans here, including 5G-ready SIM only plans and 5G handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S105G, the Note 10+5G, the Galaxy A90, and the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G.